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The power of invention:
A history of ProLiant servers from HP

HP systems provide features differentiating them from the competition. The number and variety of options and features available for HP industry standard servers has grown rapidly and continues to grow today.

Historical partnership
In 1987, HP and Compaq led the way in developing extended industry standard architecture (EISA). Both successfully opposed the proprietary Micro Channel Architecture from IBM and laid the foundation for today's Standard Industry Architecture Server (SIAS) market. Again in 1993, both companies led the industry by launching Netserver and the ProLiant line of servers. These servers established new levels of fault tolerance and manageability using an industry standard platform. The two companies also worked together in 1998 on PCI-X, high performance extensions to the PCI bus standard. In keeping with tradition, HP provides customers with the total enterprise customer experience by continually producing product innovation and quality, strategic relationships with partners, total cost of ownership (TCO), and ease of integration and support.

Total cost of ownership
After you invest in any distributed computing solution, hidden costs quickly pile up - and continue mounting throughout its lifecycle - as IT professionals configure, maintain, repair, support, upgrade, and manage the environment. For large enterprises, millions of dollars are at stake because the total ownership cost soars high above the acquisition cost. HP has a compelling interest in raising TCO awareness and promoting TCO measurement. The more rigorously you track the lifecycle cost of owning a client/server environment, the more you discover it costs less to own HP product-based solutions than other brands. That adds up to huge savings and higher productivity for both IT staff and end-users alike. Within this document learn how our industry standard servers are built with quality, reliability, and manageability in mind - all of which lower your total ownership cost.

Management tools
HP continues to set the standard for platform manageability, providing built-in capabilities and industry-leading management tools that enable IT managers to be in control of their assets, ensure system availability and reduce their administrative costs. HP provides a comprehensive set of products and services that simplify the challenges of managing technology and help them respond quickly to ever-changing demands on their IT infrastructures. HP ProLiant management tools are delivered as ProLiant Essentials software.

ProLiant servers
With a modular approach to increasing adaptability, the ProLiant portfolio allows customers to incorporate new capabilities incrementally for maximum return on each IT investment while building a foundation for an increasingly automated, utility-like infrastructure. With ProLiant as the server backbone, customers can operate efficiently and effectively in a world that demands business agility to adapt to change and growth.

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