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Micrologic Technologies specializes in providing businesses with High Availability fault tolerant (FT) server solutions for all mission-critical applications. If you have applications that you simply can't afford to have down you should consider one of NEC's Express Server systems. They provide 99.999% continuous availability.

NEC's innovative Intel-based High Availability fault tolerant servers provide a new level of continuous availability for your applications. NEC now makes High Availability (HA) technology available to any size enterprise at a cost never before thought achievable.

Micrologic Technologies is the first, and most experienced, Value Added Reseller of the NEC Express Server Series in the West Michigan area.

Express5800 320Lc for Windows
The Express5800/320Lc is the third generation in NEC's family of Intel® Xeon™ processor-based fault tolerant servers. These servers deliver higher performance and have added protection against downtime at the application level. Now enterprises running mission-critical Microsoft® Windows® applications can benefit from greater processing speeds without breaking the budget, and still achieve 99.999% continuous availability. NEC's Fault Tolerant servers deliver maximum uptime and ample storage capacity to meet the most demanding enterprise server requirements.

Four-Way Fault Tolerant Server
NEC Solutions America introduces an innovative approach to fault tolerance for large, enterprise class applications: the Express5800/340Hb-R Fault Tolerant Server. With four logical CPUs, this enterprise class server has the horsepower required to consolidate multiple applications onto one server.

Express5800 320Lb for Linux
Now with the availability of a fault tolerant version of the Linux® operating system is available on the NEC Express5800/320Lb server. NEC's new "hardened" version of the Linux-based high-availability server and operating system delivers up to 99.999 percent continuous uptime featuring not only the highest level of availability in the IT industry from any major enterprise manufacturer, but the added benefit of lowering total cost of ownership.

Express5800 320Lb for Windows
The Intel® Xeon®-based server delivers maximum uptime with fully integrated, redundant components that virtually eliminate any single point of failure. Replicated components perform the same instructions at the same time, resulting in no interruption in processing, no loss of performance, and no loss of data.

For more information on the NEC Express Series of High Availability Fault Tolerant Servers please contact: Brian Brandt at: 616-828-5685 Or email Brian at:


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