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SUSE® LINUX Enterprise Server 9 empowers businesses to leverage Linux* and open source by delivering a scalable, high-performance foundation for secure enterprise computing. Built for reliability, it offers comprehensive functionality to power today's networks and meet user demands. SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server also supports a broad range of hardware platforms and leading software applications.

Today's business challenges
Our increasingly networked world creates new opportunities for organizations of all kinds to reach out to their customers, clients and constituents to deliver goods, services and information more efficiently. But the networked world also presents complex technical and business challenges. Customers face a series of tough questions:
Security-How can we protect our corporate assets and information while still letting customers, partners and suppliers into the network?
Integration-In a world where knowledge is a competitive advantage, how can we leverage our information more effectively, especially when it's isolated in older systems or distributed across multiple applications and locations?
Management-How can we effectively manage a networking environment that includes our own systems and complex interactions with our partners' systems, as well as a complicated mix of different applications, platforms and databases that were not designed to work together?
Flexibility-How can we maintain flexibility in today's rapidly changing technology world so the decisions we make today don't create limitations and barriers in the future?
Cost-How can we resolve all of these issues cost effectively?

Novell, together with Linux*, offers solutions to address these business opportunities and challenges. The cost-effectiveness and flexibility of Linux, combined with Novell's delivery of solid products and solutions backed by a strong support ecosystem, make Novell the best choice among Linux software vendors.

Unlocking the full potential of Linux
The remarkable potential of Linux has become obvious to anyone who is paying attention. Industry experts and analysts agree that Linux represents the next major disruptive technology in our industry, and many businesses are looking to expand their use of Linux and open-source technology in mission-critical environments. In 2003, sales of Linux servers rose 48 percent, while sales of Windows servers grew only 11 percent&134;. Linux is generating this kind of interest, excitement and momentum because it solves several of the critical challenges customers face today. It provides unprecedented choice and flexibility and allows businesses to avoid dependence on a single proprietary vendor. It helps businesses deliver more efficient services and respond more quickly to their customers. It gives businesses new options for lowering costs. And the open-source model, combined with open standards, makes it easy to add new services and capabilities to aging systems-rather than tearing them out and replacing them.

These are compelling advantages. But before Linux can become a viable choice for businesses, it must prove it can deliver the same levels of service, stability and support as proprietary solutions-complete with an effective training and certification ecosystem, viable consulting options, and proven enterprise-ready services and applications.

Novell - making Linux viable for the enterprise
Novell is bringing all of these critical elements to a Linux environment: for security, management and integration, Novell provides identity- and resource-management tools and Web services. With its SUSE® LINUX and NetWare® platforms, Novell provides robust, scalable and flexible infrastructure on which organizations can build their networks. Further distinguishing Novell from competitors is its unmatched technical support, training, consulting, indemnification and extended partner programs. With hundreds of software engineers, support technicians and consultants dedicated to Linux and open source, Novell demonstrates its total commitment to delivering a complete stack of Linux business solutions-and removing the barriers that may prevent businesses from adopting Linux more aggressively.

With Novell, businesses can finally deploy Linux and open source with complete confidence. Here are some of the major reasons:

Building confidence with product quality
Quality is a key consideration for every IT buyer. A high level of quality ensures compatibility with preferred hardware and software, eases the administrative burdens on IT support staffs and minimizes downtime.

Quality is always the primary goal for Novell Linux products, and this commitment is apparent in the way we build, package, update and support our software. All SUSE LINUX-based products undergo a unique 5-point testing regimen in a large-scale environment. Our testing phases are designed with business requirements in mind. They include thousands of independent stress, quality and security test suites, including the Linux Test Project Database Open Test Suite, OSDL Database Test Suite, Java* Grand Forum Benchmark Suite and others. We also work closely with business partners like IBM, Oracle and SAP to integrate their quality requirements into our quality processes and ensure compatibility with SUSE LINUX-based products. All of our security patches and system updates undergo the same rigorous quality assurance testing.

Reducing costs with efficient manageability
Manageability is a key factor in determining any system's total cost of ownership. When it comes to installing, deploying, updating or securing Linux servers, blades, desktops or laptops, the unique Novell resource management solutions make it easy and cost-effective to manage these assets throughout their entire lifecycle.

This starts with YaST, a comprehensive installation, configuration and administration suite unique to SUSE LINUX. YaST gives IT administrators a common foundation for managing not just operating system components but also the services that run on them-including DNS servers, Apache Web servers and even third-party applications. In addition, YaST is completely open. It supports the common information model (CIM) standard and is compatible with third-party management solutions such as HP OpenView*, Novell ZENworks® Linux Management, IBM Tivoli* and CA Unicenter*.

Novell ZENworks Linux Management complements YaST by giving IT administrators the ability to centrally control how they deploy and update systems inside the firewall. This industry-leading resource management solution offers best-of-breed Linux management capabilities at a much lower cost than the Red Hat* Network solution. As a result, businesses typically see a return on their investment within days of deployment. Novell ZENworks also gives organizations the ability to dramatically simplify management across their whole infrastructure by cost-effectively managing systems running Windows*, NetWare and Linux.


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